our team consists of creative professionals that love filmmaking

We have produced video content for organizations in virtually every sector and industry. Our team has an eye for finding the best way to tell your story, share your message, and connect with your audience. Our growing list of satisfied clients compels us to always improve our skills and capabilities.

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Jessica Yochim Taylor

Managing Partner | Director | Editor

Jessica is a native of Erie, PA and a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University College of Communications where she earned a B.A. in Film and Video. She launched MenajErie Studio in 2013 as a way to turn her passion for filmmaking into a lifelong career.

Around Erie, she is known for her entrepreneurship and community development advocacy and was featured as part of the Erie Reader’s 40 Under 40 in 2017. The success of MenajErie Studio in the wake of Erie’s renaissance has even caught the eye of major news outlets such as NPR.

In 2017, MenajErie produced Rust Belt New Americans: A Film About the Refugee Experience, which has won several awards at film festivals nationwide. “It’s important to me to integrate what I do professionally with my place in the community,” says Jessica. “My goal with MenajErie is to produce content that makes an impact.”

In 2019, Jessica was awarded an ATHENA Powerlink panel of advisors which is designed to increase the growth and profitability of women owned businesses.

“Erie, Pa has shown us nothing but love as we’ve grown this company. I’m proud to call Erie home and show the rest of the world what it has to offer.”


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Nick Taylor

Managing Partner | Cinematographer

Nick is a native of Erie, PA and a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business with a B.S. in Accounting. He is also an accomplished musician and current member of the regional act Falling Hollywood which received back-to-back Album of the Year awards in the Erie Times News and the Erie Reader.

In 2018, Nick was featured as part of the Erie Reader’s 40 Under 40. His business background and creative tendencies drove him to co-found MenajErie Studio and currently assists in all studio work.

Combined with the visual prowess of managing partner Jessica Taylor, Nick offers the audio expertise required to produce high quality productions for the studio’s clients.


Leah Taylor Pluff.JPG

Leah Taylor Pluff

Editor | Director

Leah is a native of Erie, PA and attended Edinboro University to pursue a B.A. in Film Studies, as well as a minor in Art History. Her focus was film, and during her tenure at Edinboro University, she directed and edited three award winning short films.

Her favorite part of the filmmaking process is story editing. She explains, “it's always felt like putting pieces of a puzzle together, and it's gratifying to see when all the elements come together in the end.” Brand films are some of her favorite projects to work on because they are heavily story-based. When asked about a favorite project she said, “Our film for Romolo's gave me a chance to learn the history and inner workings of a business I had grown up with, while learning about the wonderful family behind the tasty chocolate.”

She joined MenajErie Studio in May of 2015. According to Leah, “Being a part of a startup in the entrepreneurial community of Erie has given me new appreciation for my hometown. It's allowed me to rediscover a side of Erie I didn't know existed as child, and made me a part of the many other wonderful startups working towards making a better future for Erie.”


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Greg Happ

Motion Graphics | Editor

Greg is a native of Hadley, Pa and a graduate of Edinboro University where he earned a B.A. in Film and Video Production. Greg started with MenajErie as an intern in 2015, but quickly was brought on as an invaluable member of the team. Greg offers a variety of skills, both on set and in post-production.

His specialty is with After Effects and handles the majority of the motion graphics work. He also has a great eye for cinematography which is evident throughout all of his projects. When asked about his favorite part of the filmmaking process, Greg claims, “The editing process as a whole. From pulling together the initial story, to adding the motion graphics and final touches to really make the project pop.”

Along side a couple of old friends, Greg’s true “claim to fame” came in 2016 with the creation of Food Unchained, an online series featuring locally-owned restaurants and food related events. He has been regionally recognized for his work and is continuing the show’s reach through the film festival circuit.

Greg, now rooted in Erie, notes, “The amount of talent in the Erie is absolutely incredible. Coming together for a project and flexing that creativity is the best part about working in the Erie community.”