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MenajErie Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is a professional video production studio and podcasting space that can be rented by the hour. It is perfect for vloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, small businesses, photographers, videographers, and anyone who wants professional studio space on an as needed basis. Some of the features include:

- 650 sqft of studio space
- A 25ft wide white cyclorama wall
- Professional LED Studio lights
- An acoustically treated audio production space
- Tons of natural light from 4 large windows overlooking downtown and the bay
- C-Stands, Chairs, Props, and more

Hourly Rates

Rent the Creator Studio as needed for your projects with a convenient hourly rate. You can also hire a professional videographer with your rental to get the highest quality videos! 

Base Studio Rental

Rental includes private access to the full 650 sqft creator studio. Amenities include: A 25 ft cyclorama wall, professional lighting, acoustically treated audio production space, and various props.

Hire A Tech or Videographer


Have one of our experienced media experts capture your video content. A crew member of MenajErie Studio equipped with professional audio/video equipment will set up and capture your content.


Studio Membership

We offer Studio Memberships for individuals and companies interested in creating recurring content. With a membership, you get a guaranteed block of hours every month, and you save up to 25% on our hourly studio rate! 




2 Hours of Studio Time Included per Month

Great for creating Monthly content.

(Studio Rate: $45/hour)


4 Hours of Studio Time Included per Month

Great for creating Bi-weekly content.

(Studio Rate: $40/hour)


8 Hours of Studio Time Included per Month

Great for creating Weekly content.

(Studio Rate: $37.50/hour)



Choose a Membership

Most importantly, our team of audio/video professionals are available for questions and troubleshooting during your rental. Or you can hire one of us to shoot your video!


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